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Our Story

Miré Jane is made for mothers by a mum. Chisom started the company to fill a need. When her first son Tobi was born, she struggled to find form-fitting items that were comfortable, practical and cost effective for breastfeeding. Her passion for fashion was ignited. Coming from a family of fashion entrepreneurs, Chisom has had an interest in fashion since she was a little girl.


Miré Jane is not just another fashion business. It was specifically created with the needs of mothers in mind. 


Inspired by Chisom's late parents Omire and Jane, Miré Jane is a brand that is passionate about family, fashion and faith. We want to see mothers look and feel their best. Breastfeeding is no easy task, and that is why our range of clothing and accessories are designed to make nurturing your baby a thing of pure comfort. We don’t believe your style has to be compromised, so we've made available to you affordable and stylish clothing. Our slogan 'Style, Nurture, Create' is at the heart of what we do, so you can nurture in style.

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